IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Music


Topic Speaking Music cũng là IELTS Topic thường xuyên xuất hiện ở phần Speaking Part 1. Cùng tham khảo một số câu trả lời mẫu Band 7+ dưới đây nhé cả nhà.


Speaking Model Answers


1. Do you like listening to music, and what types of music do you like listening to?


I totally don’t believe that a meaningful life, for us humans, can be one without music, so of course, listening to music is part of my daily life. My favorite music genres are popular music and ballads. Their lyrics are straightforward and thereby understandable, and their melodies are usually gripping and sometimes super easy to remember. In fact, another type of music I am also fond of is instrumental music. A number of its songs truly empathize with my feelings whenever I am in a bad mood or working under pressure. They all put my mind at ease the very moment I start listening to them.


2. Where do you usually listen to music?


I listen to music almost everywhere anytime throughout the day. Music actually turns out to be my best mate during moments like when I’m riding my bicycle around a park for exercise, when I’m waiting for latecomers in class, when I’m chilling out in my bed, and even when I’m taking a shower. To enjoy my favorite songs to the fullest, I have never found a place as private, tranquil, comfortable, and ideal as my own bedroom.


3. Can you play any musical instruments?


My answer is no. To play any kind of musical instrument skillfully requires high discipline, great persistence, and a vast amount of time to be spent on infinitely repeated practice. As a language teacher, a tutor, and a teaching assistant, I normally have so many tasks to fulfill that I barely have time to consider taking up a new hobby such as learning to play the piano.


4. Do you think it’s important for children to learn to play a musical instrument?


Learning to play a musical instrument at a young age undoubtedly leads to certain beneficial outcomes. It enables children to enhance their cognitive abilities and offers a highly efficient way to relieve stress. It develops a stronger sense of pride and confidence in their awareness and eventually increases their social connections. Furthermore, possessing the ability to play any kind of musical instrument is deemed a highlighted qualification in one’s application for employment.


5. Do you prefer listening to live performances or recorded music?


I haven’t been to live musical performances before, nor would I actually feel like going to one, especially in my home country. There is hardly ever a concert which suits my taste in music; besides, I listen to music for entertainment and stress relief, and I only enjoy it in a quiet, private place instead of a noisy public space filled with crowds of audience.




=> music genre /ˈmjuzɪk ˈʒɑnrə/: thể loại âm nhạc

E.g: This is our first attempt to adopt the popular music genre.


=> pop music (popular music) /ˈpɑpjələr ˈmjuzɪk/: nhạc đại chúng

E.g: She has no relish for pop music.


=> ballad /ˈbæləd/: dòng nhạc trữ tình, nhẹ nhàng

E.g: “You Can Tell Me” is a simple folk ballad from the heart.


=> straightforward /ˈstreɪtˈfɔrwərd/: thẳng thắn

E.g: It’s a very complex issue to which there is no straightforward answer.


=> thereby /ˈðɛrˈbaɪ/: mà như vậy, do đó

E.g: Management control thereby has a tendency to become more centralized.


=> melody /ˈmɛlədi/: giai điệu

E.g: The song has a simple melody and beautiful lyrics.


=> gripping /ˈgrɪpɪŋ/: cuốn hút

E.g: The film turned out to be a gripping thriller.


=> instrumental music /ˌɪnstrəˈmɛntəl ˈmjuzɪk/: nhạc không lời

E.g: She plays only instrumental music.


=> empathize /ˈɛmpəˌθaɪz/: đồng cảm

E.g: They valued her ability to empathize and connect with others.


=> in a bad mood /ɪn ə bæd mud/: trong tâm trạng tồi tệ

E.g: I have no idea why you’re always in a bad mood.


=> put one’s mind at ease /pʊt wʌnz maɪnd æt iz/: khiến tâm trí (ai đó) thanh thản

E.g: Hearing from John would put Sarah’s mind at ease.


=> latecomer /ˈleɪtkəmər/: người đến muộn

E.g: We left some food out for the latecomers.



=> enjoy (something) to the fullest /ɛnˈʤɔɪ tu ðə ˈfʊləst/: tận hưởng trọn vẹn

E.g: Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day! You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest.


=> tranquil /ˈtræŋkwəl/: yên tĩnh, tĩnh lặng

E.g: Short walks into the countryside lead into tranquil surroundings.


=> skillfully /ˈskɪlfəli/: khéo léo, thành thạo

E.g: She steered the car skillfully through the narrow streets.


=> discipline /ˈdɪsəplən/: tính kỷ luật

E.g: The school has a reputation for high standards of discipline.


=> persistence /pərˈsɪstəns/: tính bền chí, kiên gan, cố chấp

E.g: Energy and persistence conquer all things.


=> infinitely /ˈɪnfənətli/: vô cùng, vô hạn

E.g: Human beings are infinitely flexible and able to adjust when survival depends on it.


=> so + (adj/adv) + that + (S+V) /soʊ/ /ðæt/: quá (như thế nào) đến mức mà

E.g: She looked so stunningly beautiful that I almost fainted.


=> task /tæsk/: phận sự, phần việc làm, bài làm

E.g: She performed the most challenging task without a mistake.


=> barely /ˈbɛrli/: khó mà, chỉ có, vừa đủ, gần như là không

E.g: The male bird is barely distinguishable from the female.


=> consider + (n)/V-ing /kənˈsɪdər/: xem xét, cân nhắc

E.g: Employers must consider all candidates impartially and without bias.


=> outcome /ˈaʊtˌkʌm/: kết quả hoặc ảnh hưởng của một hành động, tình huống, hay sự kiện nào đó

E.g: I think tonight’s outcome will be much more to your liking.


=> cognitive ability /ˈkɑgnɪtɪv əˈbɪləti/: khả năng nhận thức

E.g: The program includes measures designed to help relieve addicts’ cravings and improve their cognitive abilities.


=> efficient /ɪˈfɪʃənt/: có hiệu suất

E.g: The restaurant’s atmosphere is elegant, and understated, with quiet but efficient service.


=> awareness /əˈwɛrnəs/: sự nhận thức

E.g: Raising awareness of biodiversity is also required to conserve wildlife.


=> social connections /ˈsoʊʃəl kəˈnɛkʃənz/: mối quan hệ trong xã hội

E.g: Social connections are the relationships you have with the people around you.


=> furthermore /ˈfɜrðərˌmɔr/: ngoài ra, hơn thế nữa

E.g: He is old and unpopular. Furthermore, he has at best only two years of political life ahead of him.


=> possess /pəˈzɛs/: chiếm hữu, sở hữu

E.g: The country did not possess the modern guns to equip the reserve army properly.


=> deem /dim/: nghĩ rằng, cho rằng

E.g: I deem it an honor to be invited.


=> highlighted /ˈhaɪˌlaɪtɪd/: nổi bật

E.g: The highlighted text will be added to the end of the stored document.


=> qualification /ˌkwɑləfəˈkeɪʃən/: giá trị năng lực

E.g: Another qualification would give me a big advantage at job interviews.


=> musical performance /ˈmjuzɪkəl pərˈfɔrməns/: buổi trình diễn âm nhạc

E.g: The various musical performances will be spread over three days.


=> taste in music /teɪst ɪn ˈmjuzɪk/: sở thích âm nhạc

E.g: Her taste in music differs from the rest of ours.


=> stress relief /strɛs rɪˈlif/: sự giải tỏa căng thẳng

E.g: The sweating experience promotes relaxation, stress relief, and self-disclosure.


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