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Topic Speaking Sports cũng là IELTS Topic thường xuyên xuất hiện ở phần Speaking Part 1. Cùng tham khảo một số câu trả lời mẫu Band 7+ dưới đây nhé cả nhà.


Speaking Model Answers


1. Do you like playing sports, and how often do you do it?


Both swimming and tennis remain my favorite sports as they are known for so many health benefits. Nevertheless, to be honest, I go swimming only at the beach, and I have never once found a partner to enjoy playing tennis with since I returned to Vietnam in early 2018.


2. What sports are the most popular in your country?


As every Vietnamese person would acknowledge, football has remained the most played sport enjoyed by all people, regardless of their age and gender, in Vietnam for several decades. You may get to see football being played in any corner of every place throughout my home country such as on the streets or in an alleyway.


3. Do you think it is important to play a sport?


Yes, of course, I strongly support the majority opinion that sports, fitness exercises, and other physical activities should be part of our daily life. They are among the most significant factors of excellent health. Consequently, maintaining the habit of doing exercise and playing sports as often as every day eventually leads one to his success in everything.


4. What sports would you like to try in the future?

Right now I am so keen on biking, walking, and doing push-ups that I really don’t feel like taking up a new sport or physical activity. Not only do they keep me in good shape all the time, but they are also fun and refreshing.


5. Do you prefer watching or playing sports?


I hardly ever watch sports even on television, nor do I play them regularly these days. Still, I would argue that to play a sport is always a smarter choice than to watch it as it simultaneously offers us the most realistic experience with the sport and assures us of a fit body.




=> remain + (n)/(adj): vẫn tiếp tục là/như thế nào

E.g: Today’s farm animals are bred to remain calm.


=> health benefits: lợi ích sức khỏe

E.g: Body fat reduction is one of the primary health benefits to consider.


=> to be honest: thú thật thì

E.g: To be honest, I have not felt affection for any woman yet.


=> acknowledge: công nhận, thừa nhận

E.g: Sometimes, you need to acknowledge the path at your feet and just go with it.


=> alleyway: con hẻm

E.g: She turned around and tried to fend him off, but he struck her on the forehead before running off down a nearby alleyway.



=> majority opinion: ý kiến số đông

E.g: You don’t necessarily have to share a majority opinion in IELTS Speaking.


=> fitness exercise: bài tập rèn luyện thể chất

E.g: The three fitness exercises I do almost every day include biking, walking, and push-ups.


=> physical activity: hoạt động thể chất

E.g: How could you expect a couch potato to be interested in any physical activity?


=> significant: quan trọng, đầy ý nghĩa

E.g: Today is a significant day for me.


=> factor: yếu tố

E.g: My eldest uncle is the most powerful factor in my solid commitment to seeking to learn, practice, improve, and advance myself further beyond my motherland.


=> consequently: do đó, vì thế nên

E.g: He has a terrible fear of height; consequently, he never goes on a roller coaster.


=> maintain: duy trì

E.g: He doesn’t want to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite his girlfriend’s advice.


=> eventually: rồi cuối cùng

E.g: He will eventually learn that they were not meant for each other in the first place.



=> push-up: cái chống đẩy, cái hít đất

E.g: She cannot even do a single push-up.


=> feel like + (n)/V-ing: cảm thấy như

E.g: My whole body felt like falling apart later that night.

=> in good shape: trong trạng thái khỏe mạnh

E.g: You must be in good shape to do the work.


=> refreshing: sảng khoái, làm tỉnh táo

E.g: The cool drink was refreshing.


=> hardly ever: rất hiếm khi, gần như chẳng bao giờ

E.g: She hardly ever smiles.


=> nor: mà cũng không

E.g: He didn’t finish his homework, nor did he go to bed early.


=> argue: lập luận, tranh luận

E.g: Environmentalists argue that more goods should be transported by rail.


=> simultaneously: đồng thời

E.g: Information systems simultaneously simplify and complicate the problem.


=> assure: bảo đảm

E.g: I can assure you I am solidly committed to the long-term stability of our Club.


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