IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Hobbies

ielts speaking hobbies


Topic Speaking Hobbies cũng là IELTS Topic thường xuyên xuất hiện ở phần Speaking Part 1. Cùng tham khảo một số câu trả lời mẫu Band 7+ dưới đây nhé cả nhà.

Speaking Model Answers


1. Do you have any hobbies?


So far I have neither met nor known about anyone who does not have a leisure pursuit at all. My hobbies include biking, reading, and advancing my English-language use.


2. What do you do in your free time?


In my spare time, I enjoy cruising around the city center on my bicycle for fun and exercise. I am also keen on doing different sources of readings to extend my comprehensive knowledge to a higher level every day, and I am interested in any activity that keeps me practicing my English skills as much as possible.


3. What hobbies/free-time activities are popular in your country?


Based on my observations, recreational activities in Vietnam vary among certain age groups. A majority of adolescents are fond of video games, elite sports, and popular music. Middle-aged individuals, however, tend to hang out with their multiple groups of friends, go to the gym, and travel for their leisure, whereas seniors would rather stay indoors more regularly and enjoy cooking, reading the news, and watching television.


4. Is it important to have a hobby?/Why is it important for people to have free-time activities?


To have one or more leisure activities is really not an option but, in my belief, a vital element of a meaningful, happy human life. No human beings do not need to chill out after a long period of hard work or concentrated study, and our hobbies are the ultimate choice to balance our personal and professional lives.


5. Is it harmful to spend too much time on a hobby?


It is true that spending excessive amounts of time on a single favorite activity can be both detrimental and beneficial. Reading, for instance, is a key to success as it greatly contributes to broadening people’s range of knowledge. Nevertheless, if one starts taking an interest in a book, an article, or a magazine and does not seem to stop reading it from the first page all the way to the back cover at a time, he will miss everything else going on throughout the day and might soon end up regretting.


6. What free-time activities would you like to try in the future?


I have frequently thought of taking up swimming sessions. I realize they would effectively benefit my health and ultimately enhance my overall stamina by increasing my breath holds and strengthening all my muscles.




=> so far (as an adverb): mãi đến nay

Eg: He hasn’t gotten an opportunity to formally greet her parents so far.


=> neither … nor …: không (thế nào) mà cũng chẳng (thế kia)

Eg: Neither the students nor their teacher knew how to swim.


=> leisure pursuit: sở thích

Eg: None of his leisure pursuits are my cup of tea.


=> advance (as a verb): nâng cao

Eg: She advances her English skills every day.


=> spare time: thời gian rảnh rỗi

Eg: I don’t have much spare time these days.


=> cruise around: dạo quanh (bằng xe cá nhân)

Eg: We saw them cruise around the beach for two hours.


=> keen on + (n)/V-ing: kiên trì, say mê

Eg: I never knew that her mother was so keen on telling fairy tales.


=> extend: kéo dài, mở rộng

Eg: The final examinations extend over a week.


=> based on my observations: theo như tôi quan sát

Eg: Based on my observations, children become less talkative as they grow older.


=> recreational activities: hoạt động giải trí

Eg: Part of the reason my sisters wouldn’t choose to visit the countryside for a vacation is that there are so few recreational activities there.


=> vary: khác nhau

Eg: The taxes vary remarkably in different states.


=> a majority of: đa số

Eg: A majority of residents in San Jose are of Vietnamese descent.



=> fond of + (n)/V-ing: ưa chuộng, yêu thích

Eg: I have become fond of board games.


=> elite sport: môn thể thao thành tích cao

Eg: Water polo is my favorite elite sport.


=> tend to + V: có xu hướng

Eg: Motorcycles tend to be faster than cars.


=> whereas: trái lại

Eg: Some people like to eat beef with much skin in it, whereas others hate it.


=> senior (as a noun): người cao tuổi, người già

Eg: The law requires that the front seats be reserved for seniors and people with disabilities.


=> would rather + V: thà rằng

Eg: On regular days, I would rather have my meals at home than dine out.


=> in my belief: tôi tin chắc rằng

Eg: In my belief, mankind will somehow find a cure for cancer.


=> vital: hết sức quan trọng

Eg: Various fruits and vegetables contain nutrients vital for our health.


=> human beings: Cá thể con người

Eg: Human beings are probably the most outstanding species ever to exist on Earth.


=> chill out: thư giãn hoàn toàn

Eg: His mother repeatedly reminds him not to chill out in front of the computer for too long.


=> balance one’s personal and professional lives: cân bằng giữa cuộc sống cá nhân và đời sống sự nghiệp

Eg: A countless number of us fail to balance our personal and professional lives.


=> excessive: quá mức

Eg: Excessive workload eventually causes extreme exhaustion.


=> detrimental: có hại

Eg: Sugar is positively detrimental to bodybuilding.


=> a key to success: chìa khóa thành công

Eg: Diligence is a key to success.


=> contribute to + (n)/V-ing: góp phần

Eg: Homemade food contributes to strengthening our family bond.


=> nevertheless: ấy thế mà

Eg: She calls me “best friend”; nevertheless, I feel like she is taking advantage of me.


=> take an interest in: trở nên quan tâm

Eg: She takes an excessive interest in clothing.


=> seem to + V: dường như

Eg: Peter seems to like her.


=> end up + V-ing: kết cuộc trở nên

Eg: If only someone had caught the cat escaping through the back door, it wouldn’t have ended up getting killed.


=> take up: bắt đầu dành thời gian (cho một hoạt động yêu thích)

Eg: Daniel and Franklin took up tennis lessons at the age of six.


=> enhance: tăng thêm, nâng cao

Eg: Good lighting will enhance any room.


=> stamina: sức bền, khả năng chịu đựng

Eg: You need stamina to be a long-distance runner.


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