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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic: Where You Live


ielts speaking part 1

Topic Speaking Nơi ở là IELTS Topic thường xuyên xuất hiện ở phần Speaking Part 1. Cùng tham khảo một số câu trả lời mẫu Band 7+ dưới đây nhé cả nhà.

Speaking Model Answers


1. Tell me about your hometown.


I just cannot express how lucky I am to have been born and grown up in Ho Chi Minh City, which is Vietnam’s largest and most well-developed municipality. For nearly half a century, it has shared the majority contribution to driving the national economy and is home to a wide range of diverse cultural and traditional values across the country.


2. What do you like about your residence?


The fact that my home sweet home lies right in the heart of my hometown is the ultimate thing I am happy to tell you about my accommodation. Do you know why? Because it facilitates my access to almost every public service I have a demand for. Even the closest cinema is only a few steps away from the gate.


3. Tell me the good things about your house.


Since my grandparents’ generation, our family has lived in a 3500-square-foot townhouse that features unique architectural designs from the French colonial era. It possesses a sufficient amount of space to actually accommodate two separate households and effectively reduce roadway noise to some degree. We can do any kind of fitness exercise everywhere around the house.


4. Is there anything you don’t like about it?


Absolutely not. None of us ever feel discontented with our house at all. Not only does it serve as a roof over our heads literally, but its location has also provided us with a great deal of convenience for decades so far.


5. Would you like to move to another place to live?


To me personally, it does not matter whether I happen to reside in a residential area or a rural province as long as my fundamental human needs are always fulfilled. Still, I would prefer not to change my accommodation for now because it takes me only minutes to ride my motorbike to my workplace.


6. What would you change about your city?


My answer to this question has never changed. The traffic conditions, of course. In my suggestion, the local government should build and provide more bus routes for the constantly growing number of daily commuters in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, a metropolitan rapid transit network had better be developed and put into service as soon as possible.


ielts topic


7. Would you recommend your neighborhood as a good place to live?


Definitely yes. Various public services and a safe social environment remain the two factors that render my community among the most delightful urban areas in the city to spend the rest of one’s life.

Trên đây là một số câu hỏi mẫu và đáp án gợi ý ở band 7.0+ cho phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 1. Hãy cùng học một số từ vựng hay để ứng dụng cho chủ đề Where you live nhé.



=> municipality: thành phố trực thuộc trung ương; vùng đô thị được quản lý trực tiếp bởi chính quyền trung ương hoặc liên bang

Eg: The municipality provides services such as electricity, water, and rubbish collection.


=> home to: là quê nhà/nơi gốc của (một mốc đặc trưng hay một nét đặc điểm riêng biệt mà địa danh đó được biết đến)

Eg: Paris is home to the Eiffel Tower, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


=> diverse: hoàn toàn khác biệt

Eg: In general, it may be stated that beetles live and feed in almost all the diverse ways possible for insects.


=> home sweet home: tổ ấm thân thương

Eg: Even if a science lab feels like home sweet home to you, you are going to need science safety goggles.


=> ultimate: cuối cùng, tối thượng

Eg: Josh believed that the only ultimate cause was God.


=> accommodation: nơi ở, nhà ở

Eg: She arranged an accommodation for her daughter.


=> facilitate: tạo điều kiện (cho một quá trình, tình huống, kế hoạch, hay sự việc diễn ra một cách thuận lợi nhất)

Eg: Classroom activities including panel discussions facilitate proactive learning.


=> townhouse: nhà mặt phố

Eg: Kim asked, “Do you think Alex will agree to sell his townhouse and move in here full time?”


=> feature (as a verb): mang bên trong (những đặc trưng)

Eg: Tesla automobiles feature the latest driving automation technology.


=> unique: riêng biệt độc nhất

Eg: His paintings were so unique as to require no signature for identification.


=> colonial era: thời thuộc địa

Eg: This course studies all the historical events in America throughout the colonial era.


=> possess: sở hữu, chiếm hữu

Eg: Very few human beings are born to possess unique, supernatural talents.


=> sufficient: đầy đủ

Eg: Tina always has a sufficient amount of water before taking a long period of concentrated study and hard work.


=> accommodate: chứa được; đựng được

Eg: Does the hotel accommodate pets?


=> to some degree: đến một mức độ nào

Eg: It was not until I witnessed Katie’s behavior that I began to acknowledge Patrick had been right about her to some degree.


=> discontented: bất mãn, phật ý

Eg: I never knew how discontented my father was with my appearance.


=> a roof over one’s head (idiom): chỗ trú thân; tổ ấm

Eg: Gabriel works incredibly hard to put food on the table and keep a roof over his family’s head.


=> literally: theo nghĩa đen

Eg: It can literally be any kind of content you wish to display on your own site.


=> reside: cư trú

Eg: Their mother wants to reside in the countryside upon her retirement.


=> residential area: khu dân cư

Eg: This coffee shop is situated in a charming residential area, giving it a cozy, homelike atmosphere.


=> rural: thuộc về miền nông thôn

Eg: For my vacation, I would rather travel to a rural province than an urban place.


=> fundamental: về căn bản

Eg: The rights to life, liberty, and personal possessions remain the three fundamental human rights.


=> human needs: nhu cầu con người

Eg: Food, water, shelter, sleep, and clothing are the five principal human needs.


=> fulfill: đáp ứng đầy đủ (yêu cầu hoặc điều kiện)

Eg: I have never failed to fulfill my parents expectations.


=> still (as a conjunctive adverb/a transition): tuy vậy mà

Eg: They have met her every day for a whole month; still, they always forget her name.


=> workplace: nơi làm việc

Eg: Joe is looking for a dynamic workplace.


=> commuter: người tham gia giao thông cho những mục đích công việc và cá nhân

Eg: Where a human civilization exists, there are commuters.


=> metropolitan: thuộc về siêu đô thị

Eg: Metropolitan residents are used to fast rhythm.


=> rapid transit: xe điện ngầm

Eg: It is said that China now owns a majority of all the world’s rapid transit systems.


=> render: khiến điều gì đó trở nên như thế nào

Eg: The rains rendered his escape impossible.


=> delighftul: thích thú, vui sướng

Eg: My most delightful activities at the beach include feeding the fish, riding in a motorized canoe, surfing, and scuba diving.



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