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IELTS Academic Words – Verbs

Source: S. Reza Atashzamzam


Useful verbs for task 2 (nearly 250 words)

Low Lexis High Lexis Low Lexis High Lexis
Keep store show indicate, illustrate, demonstrate, reveal
feel unhappy become disappointed, disappoint make rule legislate
refresh restore, rejuvenate happen occur
make happen faster accelerate (to cause)move forward proceed, propel, inspire
send out emit need require
Begin commence ask for demand, request
go to school attend school do research conduct, carry out, undertake
receive education acquire an education say yes accept, approve, admit
Force oblige, compel, impose answer respond, reply
Want intend to, plan to make structure, form, construct
put up install change alter, vary
Try make an effort do sth successfully achieve, fulfill, attain
keep eye on sb/sth supervise, monitor get gain, acquire, become, obtain
pay attention to attend do administer
be keen on, interested in to be enthusiastic about, show enthusiasm regarding put into categories categorize, classify
Love show affection towards help assist
spend time on devote, contribute to to end sth, finish conclude, terminate, adjourn
Use consume, utilize, apply in calculate the value, judge evaluate
Work function look for seek
understand, tell from recognize, discern, identify, interpret,absorb choose select, adopt
give opinion about comment on to live reside
pay for sth afford believe perceive
make up for compensate buy purchase
say argue, believe, maintain, claim to move to transfer
suggest recommend, pose to control sth regulate
move toward approach combine, match coordinate, aggregate
think assume help Coordinate. Provide aid
take advantage, be useful benefit communicate interact
to have sth possess limit, control constrain
to be able to use sth to have access to sth write correspond
make up of sth consist of sth capitalize on sth emphasize, highlight
make up constitute, involve, comprise make sure ensure
Explain justify fill occupy, obsess
test assess depend on rely on
open sth, set up establish, found no have in sth exclude, remove


Low Lexis High Lexis Low Lexis High Lexis
help with money finance, provide financial support make better improve, promote
provide money for sth fund, sponsor keep in mind Retain
have sth in sth contain say before it happens predict, forecast
find the place locate change to fit adjust, modify
print publish worsen compound, exacerbate
write your name in classes, etc register, enroll talk to sb consult
make able enable change gradually evolve
make larger expand leave open to, no to protect expose
make sth (electricity,etc) generate, manufacture make easy facilitate
become familiar with orientate follow pursue
say no reject, refute keep on continue, sustain
replace substitute thank sb acknowledge
give example cite, illustrate connect, join attach
say before mention, aforementioned grow enhance, increase, rise
not give attention to ignore to tell sb how to do sth Instruct
slow down sth inhibit, prevent Go forward advance
to get rid of, escape dispose of, introduce new ideas Innovate
delete, cross out eliminate forbid Prohibit
to add sth to sth insert to stay alive Survive
separate isolate to go with sb Accompany
pile up accumulate value Appreciate
make clear clarify obey conform to
discover detect to show publicly Exhibit
make less reduce, minimize to give room Accommodate
live dwell make certain Assure
stop cease act against, not obey Violate
continue to exist persist face encounter, confront
dig quarry use wrongly misuse, abuse
do business commerce buy and sell Trade
use sth a lot overuse to put in order to prioritize
say formally, say announce, express to encourage to grow Stimulate
to connect in mind associate copy imitate, replicate
Solve tackle, handle, approach the problem To gather sth Compile, accumulate, collect