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IELTS Academic Words – Verbs

Source: S. Reza Atashzamzam


Useful verbs for task 2 (nearly 250 words)

Low LexisHigh LexisLow LexisHigh Lexis
Keepstoreshowindicate, illustrate, demonstrate, reveal
feel unhappybecome disappointed, disappointmake rulelegislate
refreshrestore, rejuvenatehappenoccur
make happen fasteraccelerate(to cause)move forwardproceed, propel, inspire
send outemitneedrequire
Begincommenceask fordemand, request
go to schoolattend schooldo researchconduct, carry out, undertake
receive educationacquire an educationsay yesaccept, approve, admit
Forceoblige, compel, imposeanswerrespond, reply
Wantintend to, plan tomakestructure, form, construct
put upinstallchangealter, vary
Trymake an effortdo sth successfullyachieve, fulfill, attain
keep eye on sb/sthsupervise, monitorgetgain, acquire, become, obtain
pay attention toattenddoadminister
be keen on, interested into be enthusiastic about, show enthusiasm regardingput into categoriescategorize, classify
Loveshow affection towardshelpassist
spend time ondevote, contribute toto end sth, finishconclude, terminate, adjourn
Useconsume, utilize, apply incalculate the value, judgeevaluate
Workfunctionlook forseek
understand, tell fromrecognize, discern, identify, interpret,absorbchooseselect, adopt
give opinion aboutcomment onto livereside
pay for sthaffordbelieveperceive
make up forcompensatebuypurchase
sayargue, believe, maintain, claimto move totransfer
suggestrecommend, poseto control sthregulate
move towardapproachcombine, matchcoordinate, aggregate
thinkassumehelpCoordinate. Provide aid
take advantage, be usefulbenefitcommunicateinteract
to have sthpossesslimit, controlconstrain
to be able to use sthto have access to sthwritecorrespond
make up of sthconsist of sthcapitalize on sthemphasize, highlight
make upconstitute, involve, comprisemake sureensure
Explainjustifyfilloccupy, obsess
testassessdepend onrely on
open sth, set upestablish, foundno have in sthexclude, remove


Low LexisHigh LexisLow LexisHigh Lexis
help with moneyfinance, provide financial supportmake betterimprove, promote
provide money for sthfund, sponsorkeep in mindRetain
have sth in sthcontainsay before it happenspredict, forecast
find the placelocatechange to fitadjust, modify
printpublishworsencompound, exacerbate
write your name in classes, etcregister, enrolltalk to sbconsult
make ableenablechange graduallyevolve
make largerexpandleave open to, no to protectexpose
make sth (electricity,etc)generate, manufacturemake easyfacilitate
become familiar withorientatefollowpursue
say noreject, refutekeep oncontinue, sustain
replacesubstitutethank sbacknowledge
give examplecite, illustrateconnect, joinattach
say beforemention, aforementionedgrowenhance, increase, rise
not give attention toignoreto tell sb how to do sthInstruct
slow down sthinhibit, preventGo forwardadvance
to get rid of, escapedispose of,introduce new ideasInnovate
delete, cross outeliminateforbidProhibit
to add sth to sthinsertto stay aliveSurvive
separateisolateto go with sbAccompany
pile upaccumulatevalueAppreciate
make clearclarifyobeyconform to
discoverdetectto show publiclyExhibit
make lessreduce, minimizeto give roomAccommodate
livedwellmake certainAssure
stopceaseact against, not obeyViolate
continue to existpersistfaceencounter, confront
digquarryuse wronglymisuse, abuse
do businesscommercebuy and sellTrade
use sth a lotoveruseto put in orderto prioritize
say formally, sayannounce, expressto encourage to growStimulate
to connect in mindassociatecopyimitate, replicate
Solvetackle, handle, approach the problemTo gather sthCompile, accumulate, collect