Duration : 20 mins

For questions 1-10, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given and other words to complete each sentence.
You must use between 2 and 5 words.
Do not change the word given.
Example :

1 I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years.

It’s years since since I’ve enjoyed myself so much.

(correct answer using since)

1We couldn’t sleep because of the noise from the discotheque.

The noise from the discotheque prevented sleeping.

2 She’s never been to the circus before

.It’s about time to the circus.

3 The accident make it impossible for him to work.

Since the accident he able work.

4 When she heard that she’d won, she began to cry.

When she heard that she’d won, she  broke tears.

5 My parents don’t like me to stay out late at night.

My parents disapprove out late at night.

6 It was a waste of time writing that letter.

I needn’t that letter.

7 There is room for five passengers in our car.

Our car big five passengers.

8 He was very lucky that he wasn’t punished for what he did.

He was very lucky to get what he did.

9He was like my father in many ways.

He reminded my father in many ways.

10 He was good enough to be a professional player but he gave up the game.

He could a professional player but he gave up the game

Read the sentence or question and then type the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gap.
I want to improve my KNOW knowledge of foreign languages.

11 I would describe my sister as being very ENERGY

12 Another major ADVANTAGE would be the lack of appropriate facilities.

 13 She'd rather not __________ to that restaurant.

 14 You sound terrible. You'd better _________ a doctor as soon as possible.

15 Despite _______ all night, he still failed the exam.

 16 I don't believe ______ working very hard.

 17 The country is divided ______ six regions.

18 I wanted to go alone but Sue insisted _____ coming with me.

19 I hope you succeed ________ finding a job.

20 Everybody blamed me _______ the accident.

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