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Chủ đề: Fewer and fewer people walk on a daily basis. What are the reasons and how to encourage them to spend their time walking?

Paraphrase and introduce: In modern life, many people have lost the habit of walking regularly. While there are various reasons for this trend, some measures can be implemented to encourage people to take up walking as part of their daily routine.

Thân bài 1:  Giải thích các “reasons”/”problems”

E.g. There are two main reasons, in my opinion, why fewer people walk regularly nowadays. Firstly, the development of technology has discouraged some people from walking. Escalators and lifts have appeared everywhere in most towns and cities, especially in shopping centres and offices. They are, admittedly, convenient and time-saving but they also encourage laziness. Secondly, as part of our modern lifestyle, so many journeys are made by car. For example, parents now often drop off and pick up their children at the school gate, even if the school is near their home. This is understandable in one sense, as parents worry about the safety of their children, especially if there are busy main roads to cross to get to school.

Thân bài 2:  Giải thích  “solutions”

E.g. There are measures which could be implemented to encourage people to walk more often. In low-rise buildings, the use of the stairs should be obligatory, with a lift only for disabled people. In order to dissuade people from using their cars unnecessarily, no-stopping zones ought to be established in the vicinity of schools. If children become accustomed to the habit of the daily walk to school, then responsible parents would need to accompany them. The whole family would thus get used to regular walking exercise. As another measure, pavements should be improved and more pedestrian-only zones established in city centres. Covered walkways and more trees could provide relief from rain and sun in such zones.


Kết luận

Nhắc lại nhấn mạnh có các nguyên nhân gây ra hiện tượng này và các cách để giải quyết nó (chú ý paraphrase).  Chỉ cần viết ngắn gọn, đơn giản.

E.g. In conclusion, some reasons why people are walking less regularly can be identified, and some simple solutions should be adopted to encourage them to walk more frequently.

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