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IELTS Academic Words – Nouns

Source: S. Reza Atashzamzam


Useful nouns for task 2 (nearly 250 words)

High Lexis verb High Lexis Noun High Lexis verb High Lexis Noun
store storage indicate, illustrate, demonstrate, reveal indication, illustration, demonstration
become disappointed, disappoint Disappointment legislate Legislation
restore, rejuvenate restoration, rejuvenation occur Occurrence
accelerate Acceleration proceed, propel, inspire proceedings, inspiration
emit Emission require Requirement
commence Commencement demand, request demand, request
attend school Attendance conduct, carry out, undertake  
acquire an education Acquisition of an education accept, approve, admit acceptance, approval, admission
oblige, compel, impose obligation, compulsion, imposition respond, reply response, reply
intend to, plan to intention, plan structure, form, construct structure, formation, construction
install Installation alter, vary Alteration, variation
make an effort an effort achieve, fulfill, attain achievement, fulfillment, attainment
supervise, monitor supervision, monitoring gain, acquire, become, obtain gain, acquisition
attend Attention administer Administration
to be enthusiastic about, show enthusiasm regarding Enthusiasm categorize, classify category, classification
show affection towards affection assist Assistance
devote, contribute to devotion, contribution to conclude, terminate, adjourn conclusion, termination, adjournment
consume, utilize, apply in consumption, utilization, application evaluate Evaluation
function function seek —-
recognize, discern, identify, interpret, absorb Recognition , discernment, identification, interpretation ,absorption select, adopt selection, adoption
comment on Comment reside Residence
afford Affordability perceive Perception
compensate Compensation purchase Purchase
argue, believe, maintain, claim argument, belief, claim transfer Transfer
recommend, pose Recommendation , regulate Regulation
approach Approach coordinate, aggregate coordination, aggregation
assume Assumption Coordinate. Provide aid Coordination, aid
benefit Benefit interact Interaction
possess Possession constrain Constraint
to have access to sth access to sth correspond Correspondence
consist of sth emphasize, highlight emphasis


High Lexis verb High Lexis Noun High Lexis verb High Lexis Noun
constitute, involve, comprise constitution, involvement, ensure Insurance
justify Justification occupy, obsess occupation, obsession
assess Assessment rely on Reliance
establish, found establishment, foundation exclude, remove exclusion, removal
finance, provide financial support finance, financial support improve, promote improvement, promotion
fund, sponsor fund, sponsorship Retain Retention
Contain —- predict, forecast prediction, forecast
Locate Location adjust, modify adjustment, modification
Publish Publication compound, exacerbate compound, exacerbation
register, enroll registration, enrollment consult Consultation
Enable Ability evolve Evolution
expand Expansion expose Exposition
generate, manufacture generation, manufacture facilitate Facilitation
orientate Orientation pursue Pursuit
reject, refute rejection, refutation continue, sustain  
substitute Substitution acknowledge Acknowledgement
cite, illustrate citation, illustration attach Attachment
mention, aforementioned Mention enhance, increase, rise enhancement, increase, rise
ignore Ignorance instruct Instruction
inhibit, prevent inhibition, prevention advance Advancement
dispose of, Disposition innovate Innovation
eliminate Elimination prohibit Prohibition
insert Insertion survive Survival
isolate Isolation accompany Company
accumulate Accumulation appreciate Appreciation
clarify Clarification conform to Conformity
detect Detection exhibit Exhibition
reduce, minimize reduction accommodate Accommodation
dwell Dwelling assure —-
cease Cease violate Violation
persist Persistence encounter, confront encounter, confrontation
quarry Quarry misuse, abuse misuse, abuse
commerce Commerce trade Trade
overuse Overuse to prioritize Priority
announce, express announcement, expression stimulate Stimulation
associate Association imitate, replicate imitation, replication
tackle, handle, approach the problem Approach the problem Compile, accumulate, collect Compilation, accumulation, collection