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IELTS Academic Words – Adjectives

Source: S. Reza Atashzamzam


Useful adjectives for task 2 (nearly 165 words)

Low lexis / meaningHigh lexisLow lexis / meaningHigh lexis
BadAbominable, deplorableRelating to moneyFinancial
GoodAcceptable, palatable, satisfactory, reasonableImaginaryFictional, fabulous
HarmfulAdverse, deleterious, detrimental, inimical, injurious, destructiveShowing that sth existsIndicative, demonstrative
UsefulEffective, fruitful, advantageous, constructive, beneficialRelated to understanding or explainingInterpretive, analytical
BusyActive, engaged, involved,More importantMajor, significant, cardinal, main, focal, dominant
CrowdedCongested, replete, crammed, cramped, floodedNeededVital, crucial, necessary
EmptyBlank, bareLooking the sameSimilar, akin, comparable
HopefulLife affirming, optimistic, sanguine,Changing oftenVariable
SadBereft , disconsolate, desolate, despondentCan be reached or done, possibleAchievable, attainable, feasible, manageable, potential
HappyBlissful, charmed, cheerful, delightedRightSuitable, apropos, apt
SatisfiedComplacent, content,Difficult to understandAbstruse, complex, byzantine
SatisfactoryPalatable, acceptableCertainConclusive
Having controlling abilityAuthoritative, commandingLimitedRestricted, ambit
Can be measuredAssessableRelated, connected withRelevant
PossibleSusceptibleHaving good organizationCoordinated, well- organized
PresentAvailable, accessible, obtainableDone or said in a strong wayEmphatic, assertive
Not presentUnavailable, inaccessibleHaving good reason for sthJustifiable
Producing unusual ideasCreative, stimulating, visionaryMorally correctRighteous, principled, upstanding, virtuous
Can be seen, clearEvident, apparent, conspicuous, distinct, noticeableOf or at the beginningInitial, introductory, primary
DifferentAlternative, contrasting, discrepancy, disparate, distinctiveHappening a lot or all the timeConstant, frequent, endless
TrustableReliableEnoughAdequate, fair
LoyalCommitted, dedicatedEssential or important part, basicFundamental, integral indispensable, requisite


Low lexis / meaningHigh lexisLow lexis / meaningHigh lexis
ExactPrecise, accurate, correct, infallibleAround the worldGlobal, universal, world wide
Can doCapableIn different orderGraded, arranged, categorized, classified
Completely new and effectiveRevolutionary, avant- garde, emerging, innovativeVery near, next toAdjacent, bordering, coterminous, neighboring
Great, extremely largeEnormous, colossal, immense, inordinatePowerfulProdigious, invulnerable, omnipotent, robust


Low lexis / meaningHigh lexisLow lexis / meaningHigh lexis
AboutRegarding, with regard to, in terms of, concerning, on the subject of, connected withBeforeprior to, preceding
AfterSubsequentByThrough, via