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IELTS Academic Words – Adjectives

Source: S. Reza Atashzamzam


Useful adjectives for task 2 (nearly 165 words)

Low lexis / meaning High lexis Low lexis / meaning High lexis
Bad Abominable, deplorable Relating to money Financial
Good Acceptable, palatable, satisfactory, reasonable Imaginary Fictional, fabulous
Harmful Adverse, deleterious, detrimental, inimical, injurious, destructive Showing that sth exists Indicative, demonstrative
Useful Effective, fruitful, advantageous, constructive, beneficial Related to understanding or explaining Interpretive, analytical
Busy Active, engaged, involved, More important Major, significant, cardinal, main, focal, dominant
Crowded Congested, replete, crammed, cramped, flooded Needed Vital, crucial, necessary
Empty Blank, bare Looking the same Similar, akin, comparable
Hopeful Life affirming, optimistic, sanguine, Changing often Variable
Sad Bereft , disconsolate, desolate, despondent Can be reached or done, possible Achievable, attainable, feasible, manageable, potential
Happy Blissful, charmed, cheerful, delighted Right Suitable, apropos, apt
Satisfied Complacent, content, Difficult to understand Abstruse, complex, byzantine
Satisfactory Palatable, acceptable Certain Conclusive
Having controlling ability Authoritative, commanding Limited Restricted, ambit
Can be measured Assessable Related, connected with Relevant
Possible Susceptible Having good organization Coordinated, well- organized
Present Available, accessible, obtainable Done or said in a strong way Emphatic, assertive
Not present Unavailable, inaccessible Having good reason for sth Justifiable
Producing unusual ideas Creative, stimulating, visionary Morally correct Righteous, principled, upstanding, virtuous
Can be seen, clear Evident, apparent, conspicuous, distinct, noticeable Of or at the beginning Initial, introductory, primary
Different Alternative, contrasting, discrepancy, disparate, distinctive Happening a lot or all the time Constant, frequent, endless
Trustable Reliable Enough Adequate, fair
Loyal Committed, dedicated Essential or important part, basic Fundamental, integral indispensable, requisite


Low lexis / meaning High lexis Low lexis / meaning High lexis
Exact Precise, accurate, correct, infallible Around the world Global, universal, world wide
Can do Capable In different order Graded, arranged, categorized, classified
Completely new and effective Revolutionary, avant- garde, emerging, innovative Very near, next to Adjacent, bordering, coterminous, neighboring
Great, extremely large Enormous, colossal, immense, inordinate Powerful Prodigious, invulnerable, omnipotent, robust


Low lexis / meaning High lexis Low lexis / meaning High lexis
About Regarding, with regard to, in terms of, concerning, on the subject of, connected with Before prior to, preceding
After Subsequent By Through, via
Under Below, Above More